Deaf Services Lanarkshire Provides

  • Drop in Centre
  • Interpreting Agency Services
  • Quality Training
  • Drop In Centre

    Our Drop-in centre provides access to the Deaf Community of Lanarkshire. This access, consists of making phone calls to Doctors, Hospitals Social Work Dept and any other public service provider. The Drop in Centre also provides a service which will translate a letter into BSL (British Sign Language) for the local Deaf Community. We do not charge for this part of our service.

  • Interpreting Agency

    Our Agency is registered with SASLI and will only use SASLI or NRCPD registered interpreters for any bookings. Our Interpreters have many years experience of working with the Deaf Community. We recognise the right of choice to a preferred Interpreter and will be happy to book the Deaf person’s choice of Interpreter providing they are registered with a national body such as SASLI or NRCPD. Whilst we charge for our Sign Language Interpreting service we continue to provide a free Interpreting service for Funerals; Weddings: & Christenings for the Lanarkshire Deaf Community.

  • Training

    Our centre provides access to computers for anyone who wants to learn basic computing skills.

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